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Impact #240

The 240th edition of Impact, on sale 24th November, marks the magazine's 20th anniversary and features interviews with Hollywood legend George Clooney, actor/choreographer Anthony de Longis, The Raid director Gareth Evans, as well as an extended look at the top action titles out this Christmas and our regular coverage across the whole spectrum of action entertainment.

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Impact Magazine December 2011 Issue CoverFEATURES

ghosts in the machine

As Christmas appears on the horizon, so does another Mission Impossible movie. Impact hopes this outing will be more of a team effort...

the raid

With Hollywood already gearing up for a remake of The Raid, Impact talks with director Gareth Evans about helming the acclaimed Indonesian action outing

icon: citizen clooney

Looking at some of the veteran movers and shakers of the industry, John Mosby begins by talking to George Clooney about his career and recent release, The Ides of March...


Impact previews J J Abrams’ new drama series. Clue: It involves an island, displaced people, time-travel and Jorge Garcia...

that was the year that was - 2011

As Impact celebrates twenty years of publishing, some of our contributors look to the most recent year of action entertainment...

anthony de longis - trailfinder

He’s taught Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford how to whip-crack-a-way and worked on both sides of the screen. Now, Impact catches up with old friend Anthony De Longis to see how the west was won...

who’s the bosch?

Michael Connelly has had a good year. Two best-selling novels, a major movie and his top creation back under his creative control. Impact talks exclusively to the author on his recent British tour...

yellow fever international film festival

Hot stuff. Impact tests the temperature at the third outing of the Yellow Fever International Film Festival...

spooks r.i.p.

For years it was the BBC’s flagship action show. With Spooks having gone to meet its maker, Impact looks back at a decade of shadowplay...



Impact brings you the latest news from film releases to castings...

far from fragile

This month, industry veteran Beau Smith wonders if ‘no change, just the illusion of change’ is the wrong maxim for the technology side of the comics-business as electronic distribution finally begins to make its mark...

asian extreme

Calum Waddell examines two cornerstones of controversy in the world of ‘extreme’ cinema: sex and violence. He enters the Realm of the Senses and voyages across The Yellow Sea...


Continuing our retrospective, Andrez Bergen looks back over 2011 to see the Eastern moments that made history - on screen and off.

anime attack

In this month’s anime attack, Neal Molyneaux goes looking for the Eden of the East and finds a Paradise Lost.


In our specially-extended multimedia section we devote eleven pages to the latest computer games competing for your Christmas cash - as well as the usual assortment of DVDs and books...

Sharing Is Caring

Sharing Is Caring

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