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Impact #241

Impact issue #241, on sale 26th January, is the final print edition of the magazine. In it, we take our usual look across the spectrum of action entertainment from Doug Aarniokoski talking about his latest project Nurse 3D to reviews of TV shows from both sides of the Atlantic in The Walking Dead and Sherlock with a dose of anime and Asian Cinema in between.

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Impact Magazine February / March 2012 Issue CoverFEATURES

sex and doug and rock ‘n’ roll...

Time to get the party started and as we look at the art of controversy in the action genre. What better way to kickstart the process than talking to Doug Aarniokoski about his latest project Nurse 3D and our cover-star Paz de la Huerta.

strictly ballistic

This month another femme fatale hits the screens. John Mosby takes a look as MMA star Gina Carano leaves the cage fighting and goes Haywire for Steven Soderbergh.

cool for cats

Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek are two of the sexiest stars alive... so watch the fur fly as they talk pussy-cats and flashing blades.

city of darkness

Indonesian martial arts is back with a vengeance - as Mike Leeder discovers as he walks through the City of Darkness...

full mental real estate

Impact takes it annual trip to the Thought Bubble Convention in Leeds and Impact editor John Mosby chairs a panel about the ongoing relationship between comics and movies...

undead on arrival

Charlie Adlard is the man illustrating the zombie apocalypse - and surviving it. He tells Impact about the massive success of The Walking Dead in print and on screen...

don’t lose your head...

From the heyday of the Shaw Bros. the ‘fatal flying guillotine’ has been a deadly weapon and a significantly sharp on-screen presence. Mike Leeder walks the cutting edge...

red scorpion

Mike Leeder gets nostalgic as he looks back at one of the films of action mainstay Dolph Lundgren - the infamous Red Scorpion...


Impact goes behind the scenes on the up-coming thriller Nightfall, starring Nick Cheung.

hit girls...

... just wanna have fun too. Impact goes online to find out where the multimedia action is...



Impact brings you the latest news from film releases to castings...


Andrez Bergen walks a mile in 007’s shoes as he explores the super secret-agent’s first visit to Japan. See... we even resisted a shaken and stirred joke! Shplendid!

anime attack

Putting the X into anime - Neal Molyneaux considers the merits of animated nudity and naked nunchaku!

asian most extreme

For his final column, Calum Waddell looks through the best and worst of the Eastern offerings he’s reviewed in his Asian extreme column over the years...

far from fragile

Beau Smith uses his final FFF column to bid farewell to not only Impact readers but also one of his regular industry partners, Eduardo Barreto who died in December...


A round-up of the latest books, television outings, DVDs and games that are worthy of your attention...

a final word

Next month we... get to lie-in a bit. Impact editor John Mosby signs off with a few much-needed thank-yous...

Sharing Is Caring

Sharing Is Caring

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