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Golden Brothers: Middle Aged and Dangerous..?

Golden Brothers

The ‘Young & Dangerous’ boys are reuniting for a ‘Middle Age Adventure’ – but will it be ‘Golden’..?

Twenty years ago the Young & Dangerous movies conquered the Hong Kong box-office. The live action adaptation of the Teddy Boy comic book series spawned six original Young & Dangerous movies, a prequel and all manner of spinoffs, both official and unofficial. These included Once Upon a Time in Triad Society 1 and 2 (there’s also a reboot third chapter of that coming!), Portland Street Blues, Those Were the Days, Goodbye Mr Cool, War of the Underworld, the female gang movie Sexy and Dangerous and many more. The cast led by Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan, Jerry Lam, and Michael Tse would become household names, while various supporting cast would return multiple times as various characters.

There has often been talk of further adventures for the Young & Dangerous cast, the comedy Once a Gangster reunited many of the Y&D cast in a self referential outing and Daniel Chan’s Young & Dangerous: Reloaded had its moments… but sadly wasn’t quite what we were hoping for.

Now Golden Brothers reunites the majority of the Young & Dangerous team: Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan, Jerry Lamb, Michael Tse and Chin Kar-lok. While it may seem on paper like ‘Middle Aged & Dangerous, the movie produced by Jackie Chan and Eric Tsang follows five soon-to-retire con-artists who find themselves caught up in the heist of an international drug lords corporation when a bachelor party goes wrong.

The film, which is directed and action -directed by Chin Kar-lok (No Problem 2), has been shooting on locations in Japan, Montevideo and Hungary and will continue shooting in China and Hong Kong later in the year.  The film also features the return of Hong Kong Legend Billy Chow from Pedicab Driver and Dragons Forever,  Jackie Chan Stunt-Teamer Temur Mamisashvili (Skiptrace, Pound of Flesh) and Semiquaver Iafeta (Helios, OCTB).

Young & Dangerous tribute:

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