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Sensei and Sensibility: Florentine and Banderas are ‘Stoic’…


Ninja and Undisputed director Isaac Florentine can be seen back in front of the camera soon – giving lessons to none other than Antonio Banderas for ‘Stoic

While he stepped back somewhat to serve as a hands-on producer for Boyka: Undisputed 4, his latest collaboration with leading man Scott Adkins bore all the marks of an Isaac Florentine film, delivering plenty of high impact action. Now Florentine is back in the director’s chair and also back in front of the camera for the first time since Farewell Terminator, for his latest project Stoic.

Desperado / Zorro / Expendables’ Antonio Banderas plays a fast talking lawyer whose life is shattered by the brutal murder of his wife and daughter. The lawyer undergoes a physical transformation training under a hard core Karate Sensei (Florentine) and taking a vow of silence: he swears not to break until he has taken bloody revenge.

A lifelong martial artist, Florentine is one of the few western directors who funderstands and embraces full blooded martial arts action and we’ve long championed his work on everything from US Seals 2, Special Forces, Savate, to the Ninja and  Undisputed series. He’s also the man who saw the potential of Scott Adkins from the beginning, and helped launch his career.

Stoic features a strong supporting cast that includes Karl Urban from Dredd and Star Trek,  Paz Vega from Kill The Messenger / Sex and Lucia, the great Robert Foster (Jackie Brown, Alligator) and David Sakurai most recently seen in Iron Fist,  while Tim Man (Triple Threat, Boyka: Undisputed) handles the films fight and stunt choreography.

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