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What’s next for Nevsky..?

Alexander Nevsky

Russia’s Alexander Nevsky  is continuing to make a name for himself internationally – though his next outing might well be ‘Savage’d…

Impact has championed the career of Russia’s premier action hero Alexander Nevsky ever since the early days of Moscow Heat and Treasure Raiders, and have been proud to see him go from strength to strength with each project. The last eighteen months alone has seen the release of Nevsky’s Showdown in Manila, directed by Crying Freeman’s Mark Dacascos and starring Nevsky, Casper Van Diem (from Starship Troopers), Matthias Hues (from Dark Angel/I Come in Peace) and a number of familiar faces including Cynthia Rothrock, Olivier Gruner and Don Wilson in supporting roles. Nevsky’s directorial debut Black Rose co-starring Terminator ‘s Kristanna Lokken was released on VOD and shiny disc in the UK and received a limited theatrical release in North America prior to hitting disc and VOD.

We’re currently waiting for a first glimpse at Nevsky’s ambitious Maximum Impact project, directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak (Cradle to the Grave). That will see Nevsky and Mark Dacascos riffing on Red Heat /Black Rain with a touch of Rush Hour, as agents of the Federal Security Service of Russia and the US Secret Service forced to work together to prevent a full-scale international crisis. The film also stars Machete‘s Danny Trejo, True Lies Tom Arnold, Kelly Hu from Martial Law, Bai Ling from The Crow, William Baldwin from Fair Game, Eric Roberts from Best of the Best and Matthias Hues once more.

But Nevsky is currently preparing his latest project Savage Attack with a script by Craig Hamman (Boogie Boy). In this case, Nevsky will be playing a Russian American CIA operative who is forced to cross the line and go rogue when his former partner is taken hostage by the criminal organisation he was investigating. Nevsky speaks of the project as a potential cross between John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13 and Gareth Evans The Raid, and possible shooting locations could include both the Philippines and Indonesia. He’s also spoken of the possible involvement of Indonesian action maestro Yayan Ruhian (The Raid series) as both an actor and action choreographer, and the thought of seeing Nevsky letting loose Mad Dog style has us very excited.

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