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A ‘League’ of their own..?

Kung Fu Big League

Writer/director/producer Jeff Lau’s next project could catapult everyone involved into the ‘Kung Fu Big League‘, but there’s very little known about the project itself…

Nearly 25 years after he stepped into Jet Li’s shoes to play the role of martial arts master Wong Fei-hong in Once Upon a Time in China 4 (a role he would reprise for Once Upon a Time in China 5 and the subsequent TV series which featured most of the movie franchise cast), Wushu maestro Vincent Zhao (Zhao Wen-zhao) reprises the role once again for Kung Fu Big League, the latest project by prolific writer/director/producer Jeff Lau.

Joining Zhao in the movie are Andy On (as Master Hua Yin-jia the character portrayed by Jet Li in Fearless and Leung Kar-yen in Legend of a Fighter),  Bruce Lee look-alike Danny Chan (who plays Chen Zhen from Fists of Fury and its various offshoots) and Dennis To (who reprises the role of Ip Man). He previously played in Ip Man: The Legend is Born which told of the younger days of the Wing Chun master. Now… the time line for these characters does work pretty well -and all of them except for Chen Zhen were real people – but let’s not get into how much older Hua Yin-jia should be to Chen Zhen because Chen Zhen is fictional!

We’re not sure if this is some insane alt-universe serious martial arts movie or a Mo Lei Tau (nonsensical) action comedy, as Jeff Lau (Lau Chun-wai) has written, produced and directed such a diverse list of productions… including classic heroic bloodshed with Coolie Killer, Stephen Chow Mo Lei Tau madness with All for the Winner, Fist of Fury 1991, Kung Fu Hustle, stylish swordplay with Ashes of Time and its comedy equal The Eagle Shooting Heroes,  Andy Lau’s classic Saviour of the Soul, Chow Yun-fatt’s Shaolin Temple outing Treasure Hunt, the criminally under-rated Mahjong Dragon which starred Vincent Zhao and Josephine Siao and so much more.

While we wait for more information let’s take a look back at the first time we were introduced to Vincent Zhao as Wong Fei-hong



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