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Van Damme explores a Path 'Retaken'

JCVD is no stranger to controversy, but after a mixed reception to The Eagle Path, the project is reshooting key scenes…

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s very personal project The Eagle Path, written, financed directed by and starring the man himself has had an eventful journey to the big screen. The movie tells of a dysfunctional ex-soldier (Van Damme) who falls in love with a high class working girl, and attempts to find redemption for himself by rescuing her from her current situation, only for things to get very messy.

The film made its debut at Cannes two years ago to very 'mixed' response, with a lot of critics confused by the films pacing and story elements. Producer Moshe Diamont has come onboard to coordinate reshoots that will clarify certain story and character elements. Reshoots are quite common in the movie industry when it is felt something is missing, so in some ways we salute Jean-Claude for his intentions and hope that the upcoming reshoots will serve to enhance the film… and allow JC to present a clearer version of his vision to the audience.

Jean-Claude has a number of projects set for release including the Taken’esque thriller The Butcher, Napolean 3D a Russian comedy in which he plays an alternate version of himself, Dragon Eyes with Cung Le, Universal Soldier 4 and of course a little movie called The Expendables 2 which sees him facing off against Sylvester Stallone in the finale, and giving according to Sly himself ‘an inspired performance’.