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UPDATE: The Fisher Queen? Carrie on Royal 'Wars' Role

Written by (Editor) on 6th March 2013

The first piece of casting news for Star Wars there is. Return to her royal role, Carrie Fisher will do. Excitement there will be...

We'd run a 'What We Know About...' on the upcoming Star Wars projects, but it wouldn't amount to much so far. All we've known is that J J Abrams will be directing, that there'll be standalone projects planned - which focus on individual character, possibly including Yoda and Bobba Fett - and that the first main film looks set for 2015.  

However the first bit of (apparently) confirmed casting comes from a reputable source... Princess Leia herself. Carrie Fisher, in response to a direct question about returning to a galay far, far away, told the Palm Beach Illustrated magazine that she WILL be reprising the royal role in the new film, though joked that "... she's an intergalactic old folks' home..."  Fisher says, more seriously, that she expects the character to be just as feisty as her younger self, but a bit slower in her old age.  

With Mark Hamill confirming that he and Fisher had had 'talks' and the strong rumour that Harrison Ford might be in negotiations, it certainly looks as if the new films, triggered as part of Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm, will have a solid bridge to the three movies that kickstarted the franchise in the late 1970s and 1980s.


UPDATE 7th March:  Fisher is now claiming she was only joking, but George Lucas is now claiming that negotiations with Fisher, Hamill and Ford were already pretty far along at the time of the Lucasfilm sale.  So, once again, nothing is apparently official, but *nudge*wink*nudge* not unofficial either.

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