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Is 'The Raid' remake director Expendable?

Written by (Editor) on 21st February 2014

'The Raid' sequel is about to hit cinemas - but work on the US remake of the original gathers apace... and it looks like the director could be 'Expendable'...

Raid remake gets Expendables diretcorWe've known for some time that Hollywood has a default habit of remaking international hits rather than merely putting its marketing weight behind the original production. Gareth Evans' The Raid, filmed in Indonesia, proved to be a global hit  and deemed to be one of the best action movies in many, many years. That meant a sequel was always on the cards - as we know, Berandal is out soon. But it also means that the inevitable western remake is also gathering some steam.

And, if trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter is right  it looks as if a name from another action hit - albeit one written 'large' - may be taking the helm this time. Expendables 3 director  Patrick Hughes appears to be the man that Screen Gems will hire for the job with a script - based heavily on the original film - being penned by Brad Ingelsby. One of the joys of the original was the organic in-your-face fighting style (and shooting style) that avoided the more clinical and sterile action scenes seen in mainstream blockbusters and it is believed that though some factors will change in the remake, there will be an attempt to replicate that gritty atmosphere.

Audiences are likely to be scrutinising the results closely when the remake finally gets to the screen. Films such as this and the imminent 'Brick Mansions' (a remake of the french film  District 13) will largely be an indicator of whether Hollywood can produce equal or merely diluted versions of the original at a time when distribution enables discerning audiences to easily view that original. On the flipside, a Hollywood remake often leads to those audiences who WEREN'T aware of the original seeking it out...

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