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Fast and Furiosa? Will Mad Max head to the ‘Wasteland’?

Mad Max: The Wasteland?

It’s safe to say the George Miller reboot of Mad Max in 2015 was a major success, proving a huge hit with the critics and grossing over £260 million worldwide… and it now appears that a prequel is in the making…

It really would be missing a trick if Mad Max: Fury Road was left as a standalone film, after winning an incredible six Academy Awards out of the possible ten the film was nominated for, but director George Miller has confirmed that he fully intends to make more Mad Max films with a further two stories in the pipeline.

The first of which looks like it will be Mad Max: Wasteland, a prequel that could be based around the back story of Fury Road’s protagonist Imperator , the soldier who betrayed Immortan Joe to free ‘The Five Wives’. It has not yet been decided as to whether Charlize Theron will reprise her role from Fury Road ( as there could be a need to replace Theron with a younger actress depending on how far into the character’s history the film delves into). However there’s no denying the actress was seen by many as the major character in Fury Road, rather than Tom Hardy’s Max himself.

2016-OSCAR-MAX2In January, George Miller was quoted as saying, “I have two more stories. We had dug down deep into the back story, not only of the characters but of every vehicle, how the steering wheels became religious artefacts and things like that. So we ended up with two scripts, without really trying.”

But will that translate to the films being made? Any such movie will have a lot to live up to if it is to have the same impact that Fury Road had on the film industry… and sequels/prequels are rarely a sure thing, even if they seem to be a tempting business proposition. Either way it must be tempting and plenty of cinema-goers are eager to see the attempt.

We will have to wait quite a while for the film but expect to hear some developments in the near future, as and when such a production gets underway…

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