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What the cook? ‘Enter the Kitchen’ readies to food fight!

Enter the Kitchen

What do you get when you mix munchies and martial-arts? Is ‘Enter the Kitchen‘ a receipt for outrageous fun or disaster? 

Enter the Kitchen is an action adventure show set in an alternate universe and telling the story of a village in the Faeroe Islands, one that is ruled by a vicious farmer and his army of brutal henchmen. But one man stands against him. He is named Brandur, a highly gifted martial artist who will not only battle the evil farmer and his men, but also unleash his expertise… in the kitchen?

Yes, Enter the Kitchen is a combination martial arts adventure and cooking show, with each episode showcasing our hero’s struggle to cook delicious food while battling the bad guys and protecting the good. The ETK universe blends elements from both Nordic and Asian Mythology, as well as drawing from real historical events and characters.

The type of food prepared is Nordic cuisine with Asian inspirations, ingredients mainly consisting of fresh Nordic produce and spices, and – while at times he may use a mythical creature or two in his cooking – these can be easily replaced by their equivalents from this world. ETK will showcase mouth-watering food preparation and presentation, as well as the gentle beauty and breathtaking locations of the Faeroe islands and stylish high impact martial arts.

The somewhat unlikely show is the brainchild of Gudmund Helmsdal Nielsen who has plans for a four-series run for the show, drawing inspiration from spaghetti westerns, samurai movies, Shaw Brothers‘ Kung Fu movies, as well as everything from Lord of the Rings to Game of Thrones. If Gordon Ramsay knew Kung Fu he’d be the star of Enter the Kitchen!

It’s an ambitious concept to say the least, but Gudmund certainly has the enthusiasm and ambition to bring the show to life and unleash the fury of Brandur and Enter the Kitchen onto the world, and we wish him the very best of luck!

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