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Bruce Le Returns: Bloody Hero draws ‘First Blood’…

Bruce Le

Bruce Le moves has moved from from cloning around to more serious productions such as ‘Comfort Women‘. But his latest is a return to action in ‘Bloody Hero‘…

Bruce Le is back! Huang Kin-lung may have begun his career at Shaw Brothers, but it was as one of the ‘Clones of Bruce Lee’ that he found fame. As Bruce Le, he starred in everything from Bruce Lee inspired bio-pics and martial arts adventures to outrageous classics like The Clones of Bruce Lee and Challenge of the Tiger. He has worked with the likes of Lo Lieh, Dragon Lee, Chiang Tao, Richard Harrison, Hwang Jan-lee, Richard Norton, Casanova Wong, Robert Patrick, Dick Wei, and even Jon Benn! He’s starred, choreographed, written, directed and produced countless projects and after a few years away from the spotlight when he focused on his business interests, he’s back!

We reported on his return to the director’s chair with The Eyes of Dawn, a remake in part of his earlier Comfort Women film (which explored the exploitation of various Chinese women forced to provide ‘entertainment’ for the Japanese army during their occupation of much of China) and has been developing a large scale tv series which would fully explore the subject.

But his latest project which is about to be given a IMAX3D release in China is Bloody Hero.

Best described as a cross between First Blood and Braveheart, the film was developed by Le from a true story, pitting a lone Chinese hero in a guerrilla war against the invading Japanese forces during World War 2. The film certainly has an epic feel to it from the footage that we’ve seen, with sweeping shots taking in the sheer scale of the Chinese countryside and the isolation of the hero as he is pursued by increasingly large numbers of Japanese forces as he battles to survive.

Le serves as director and producer, while playing a supporting role as a Japanese General tasked with bringing the lone hero’s rebellion to an end. In the meantime Le has multiple projects in the works including an Africa-set action thriller – described as a Chinese take on Taken, while hinting at the possibility of making a final full-blooded martial arts epic which would pay homage to his past exploits and connection to the Little Dragon.

In the meantime, though, here’s a trip down memory lane – the trailer for Challenge of the Tiger also known as Seize the Formula and Gymkata Killer, which sees Le teaming with Richard Harrison to battle all manner of villainy around the world.



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