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Vera and Curtis say Hello to ‘Buy Bust’…

Buy Bust

Director Erik Matti and action-director Sonny Sison bring the smack down with Brandon Vera and Ann Curtis in ‘Buy Bust‘…

The shooting has started on another high profile slice of Filipino action cinema. Buy Bust directed by On the Job helmer Erik Matti, stars MMA fighter Brandon Vera and (breaking out of stereotypical roles) Ann Curtis, while veteran action director Sonny Sison (Nilalang) handles the fights and stunts.

Director Erik Matti has been on the radar for quite some time: his earlier projects On the Job, Honor Thy Father and Aswang Chronicles made quite the splash at the local box office while garnering international attention for his stylish take on the projects. Matti’s latest movie Buy Bust looks set to make the biggest impact as part of the growing re-invention of Philippines Action Cinema.

Vera and Curtis have been training for the film’s action and fight sequences – training in Pekiti Tirsia Kali with Matti and action director Sonny Sison has been pushing for sequences that will showcase the cast displaying Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)  but without the use of doubles or bastardised choreography. Vera comes from a fight background and certainly knows his stuff, but we’re also very impressed by the footage we’ve seen of Curtis training and working her drills. She’s certainly not taking the easy way out and this could be the film that shatters the stereotype with which  she has so often been pigeonholed.

Stuntman/choreographer and FMA practioner Sonny Sison’s credits include working stunts  on Power Rangers, High Voltage. Cradle to the Grave, The Rundown/Welcome to the Jungle, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Olympus has Fallen, Broken Path, Hawai 5’0 and Bonifaco, Nilalang and Showdown in Manilla as action director.

Sonny Sison Stunt Reel:



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