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‘Alien Covenant’ gets ‘Crossing’ teaser….

Alien: Covenant

In space no-one can hear you scream. But how will audiences react to to the latest ‘Alien‘ outing. A final ‘Prologue‘ teases what happened after the ‘Prometheus‘ prequel…

We’re now mere weeks away from the launch of the latest Alien movie, a sequel to Prometheus and another prequel, of sorts, to the classic Alien franchise of old.

Prometheus certainly got a mixed reaction when it launched and the new film, Alien Covenant may have a hard task to win back audiences who found the most recent film fairly hard-going in the walky-talky and logic departments.

Clips from Covenant have been released in recent months and a new prologue entitled ‘The Crossing‘ has just hit the interwebs, giving us some idea of what happened to the survivors after Prometheus ended (so, some spoilers, obviously, if you haven’t seen that yet.

Alien: Covenant – once again directed by Ridley Scott – is released on 19th May by Twentieth Century Fox and we’ll let you know our opinion of the result in a just few weeks’ time…


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