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Iron Man 3 (SuperBowl Trailer)

Written by (Editor) on 4th February 2013

Iron Man 3 takes to the skies in May and the SuperBowl trailer suggests it could be the best of the three to date...

Phase 2 of Marvel Studios' cinematic revolution kicks-off in just a few short months with the second Iron Man sequel. Iron Man 3 shot in China and the US and this trailer promises a darker element to proceedings - and no scrimping on the stuntwork.  

Though Iron Man 2 felt a bit over-populated with characters, this is generally a franchise that seems to have a solid footing and we're looking forward to more shellhead adventures and post-tramuatic Stark disorders...

Written By

John Mosby


John Mosby

Born at a early age, creative writing and artwork seemed to be in John’s blood from the start Even before leaving school he was a runner up in the classic Jackanory Writing Competition and began...

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