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And Justice (League) for all..?

Justice League

Will Warner/DC’s ‘Justice League‘ avenge the other so-so movies in the studio’s arsenal? A new trailer gives a glimpse of what to expect…

The general consensus in recent years is that while DC/Warners have a strong array of superhero characters, the success of their ensemble has been better served on television – the cinematic arm lacking the cohesion, foundation and framework of Marvel’s blueprint for their ‘universe’. The very mixed reactions to Man of Steel,Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad (all financially profitable but critically less so) did little to change that thinking.

So the two main DC movies out this year have something to prove. The trailers for Wonder Woman, essentially an ‘origin’ story for the character and starring Gal Gadot, have been well-received and there is much crossing of fingers this could be a turning point for Warner/DC fortunes. But later in the year comes their biggest gamble yet: Justice League – a movie that expands on the ‘trinity’ of Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill) and Wonder Woman and introduces the likes of Aquaman,(Game of Thrones and Stargate: Atlantis‘ Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and the big-screen version of The Flash (Ezra Miller) – though technically we have no idea if Supes will make any appearance given how we left Dawn of Justice.

So here’s our first real look at Justice League, a film that needs to be visually stunning and interesting to watch… and more than just a retaliatory strike on Marvel‘s Avengers. It’s a fast-paced trailer with enough explosions, fights and quips for the moment. We’ll see if the pieces come together as a whole when the film hits the multiplexes this November…


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