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Jackie Chan: Stats and Statham……

Jackie Chan projects

Even at the age of 62, Jackie Chan’s projects continue to expand. His slate of 2016 projects grows and Impact has news of a major action team-up coming your way…

April 2016 saw celebrating his 62nd birthday… and yet he shows no signs of slowing down his cinematic activity. The last eighteen months having seen busier than ever. Completed – and awaiting release later this year – is the action comedy Skiptrace, directed by Cliffhanger’s Renny Harlin and which sees Chan, and Fan Bing-bing battling the Russian Mafia in a road movie that crosses , Hong Kong and Macau.

Skiptrace trailer:

Chan also has the World War 2 action drama Railroad Tigers, directed by Little Big Soldier and Police Story 2013 helmer Ding Shen, which sees a moustachioed Chan playing a Chinese patriot who uses the nations railway network as a weapon against the Japanese occupation forces in war torn China. Chan just completed his work on Casino Royale director Martin Campbell’s The Foreigner which also stars Pierce Brosnan. In that movie Chan plays a former Chinese Vietnamese soldier who had long turned his back on the violence of his past, until a rogue IRA faction brings terror to the streets of London. When his family is caught in the crossfire, he is forced to bring his ‘very special set of skills’ into play one last time, to take revenge. Early word from the shoot suggests that Chan delivers a very strong dramatic turn and there are some very brutal action sequences as terror meets counter-terrorism.

Shooting parallel to Railroad Tigers and The Foreigner, has been Kung Fu Yoga, which reunites Chan with his Rumble In the Bronx and Police Story 3: Supercop director Stanley Tong… in a Bollywood’esque action comedy that has been shooting in locations across Dubai, India, Norway and China.

And now Chan is returning to his former adopted homeland of Australia (which served as the backdrop for Mr.Nice Guy and First Strike) for the sci-fi movie Bleeding Steel, which will shoot in China and Australia over the next six months or so. The action sequences for the film are being coordinated by Jackie protege Max Huang (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Dragon Blade).

BREAKING NEWS: IMPACT EXCLUSIVE: We’ve been aware of this project for some time, but the first official news is just being released for the big budget production VIY 2, which will shoot in Russia and China, and feature fight and stunt sequences choreographed by Jackie and his team. If that’s not good enough news for you, the project stars both Jackie and which should be a major draw for action fans.

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