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SDCC – Now time for Warner Bros.’ trailers….

SDCC - Justice League

Yesterday we gave you a look at the posters for forthcoming WB projects – now we get a better look with full trailers organised for showing at the San Diego Comic Con…

After our look at the promotional images for various Warner Bros. movies to be released over the next year, Friday’s schedule at the San Diego Comic Con also revealed some new trailers for their fledgling bigger superhero universe…

As noted, Wonder Woman will see Gil Gadot as the eponymous heroine finally making her way to a solo screen outing and we get glimpses of how that saga begins – the film splitting its story between her secret island paradise and the outer world into which she ventures… only to find it engulfed in World War I.

There was also a surprise trailer  – or, technically, a montage of footage – for Justice League, the DC equivalent of Marvel‘s Avengers in the way it seeks to bring the band of familiar individual heroes together to make a formidable force against a greater enemy. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that the trailer, while maintaining a sense of menace, deliberately peppers its presentation with quite a few one-liners and quips – indicating Warners/DC have taken to heart the criticism about its overtly moody productions to date.

There was also a look at the forthcoming Kong: Skull Island. It’s still hard to tell whether this will be a special-effects blockbuster or – as the trailer hints at, given its just post-Vietnam time-frame – it will be a lot more character-driven, but there’s definitely some huge potential in the undeniably iconic imagery on display. It reminds us of what the climax of the novel of the original Jurassic Park promised (an epic clash of ancient life and ‘modern’ technology ) but which wasn’t part of the otherwise ground-breaking fx film when released. Helicopters and guns against something much more powerful and primal.

Essentially, Kong: Skull Island may be more of a war film than monster-mash and that could be no bad thing…


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